inTegrated develOpment and opeRation environment for digitalization and automation and intellectualization of manUfacturing induStry

Integrated Platform for Efficient Equipment Communication

TORUS is a software-equipment intermediary platform that allows user applications to communicate with equipment through the platform, rather than directly. This eliminates the need for each application to establish its own connection with the equipment, freeing users from limitations on the number of connections to the equipment. By managing all connections at a single point, the TORUS ensures precise and efficient control of equipment connections. This integrated management provides users with greater stability and efficiency.

Simplified Integration with a Unified Interface

When user applications need to communicate directly with equipment, they must use the legacy interface of that equipment. However, by using the unified interface provided by the TORUS, there is no need to implement separate interfaces for each piece of equipment. This means that even if new heterogeneous multi-vendor equipment is added, there is no need to redevelop the applications. This approach significantly reduces the development and maintenance costs of the system.

Easy State Retrieval and Modification with URI-Based Interface

The states provided by equipment are highly diverse. TORUS offers a Machine State Model that categorizes these states, allowing users to specify, retrieve, or modify desired states using URI-formatted addresses and filters. This simplifies the retrieval and modification of complex equipment states.